How to Draw A Wolf

How to Draw A Wolf

Wolves are very captivating animals, that you get the urge to respect them, and do something great for them. Well, by “drawing a wolf“, you give them as much respect they need. I’ve always wanted to be a great wolf artist, just like the ones you see on a website called “”. They have many wolf related images that bring that magic out from these animals. “Drawing wolves“, is something that many canine artists want to achieve. Whether you’re drawing for your friends, family, or out of inspiration; you’ll want to draw them accurately and decent. You can quote this, practice always makes perfect. Anyways, enough has been said, let’s move on and draw some wolves!

In this tutorial, I will show you a few basic instructions to draw your own wolf. They have a complex anatomy, which can be a bit of a struggle to deal with. Remember to take your time and make patience when drawing.

Step 1. Start off with a basic posture and line of motion. This is a very important key point when starting off the figure. Always depict the pose you want for your canine.

Step 2. Work on drawing other important details that may shape your wolf up. By starting with drawing the facial details first, you’ll have a better chance to draw other parts as well.

Before ending the tutorial, I have a few tutorials to share that will show you a lot better on drawing wolves. One is from Dragoart and another from YouTube. First begin with the video for a more simpler lesson. Enjoy!

Now here is a drawing tutorial from here: how to draw a wolf. Enjoy!

How to Draw A Wolf


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