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wolf paw tutorial

How to Draw Wolf Paws

Hey there everyone! I’ve scooped up a few resources for all those hungry on wolf drawing tutorials. Digging through tons of efficient content, I found adequate tutorials that will satisfy your wolf drawing. Like most art, you’ll be needing a base structure on the wolf anatomy in order to create the perfect buycbdproducts wolf! In this tutorial, I present to you “how to draw wolf paws“, step by step and you can also see how I placed some glow in the dark rocks amazon around my house. The content that’s being presented will guide you to a few tips on drawing wolves paws. A few of them look very similar to that of a dog but this should be well efficient for those skills to be shell shocked. Are you ready to learn yet? I surely am, let’s get to the tutorial to “draw a wolf paw” now!

Step 1. This is a basic tutorial introduction supported by the user “Anuwolf” on She has supplied a tutorial on “how to draw paws” tutorial for that of wolfs and possibly other canines since wolfs have distinct features of domestic dogs.

Step 2. It’s best to understand the basic outline of the paws. Wolf paws generally have 4 fingers to complete the whole. There is a fifth finger at the inner side of the legs. Isn’t it uncanny how humans and most mammals have five fingers? Make sure you enlarge the image to get a better visual on what the text states.



Step 3. This is an overall review on how the individual paw fingers should appear from the front and side. See how they are perfectly aligned? Wolf paw fingers have the paw pads beneath them to support the bare skin of the actual finger. Like most canines, nails are visible unlike cats who can retract them out of sight.

Step 4. It’s important to research on how the paw structure should be depicted. It takes time with constant learning and references to draw the perfect wolf feet! Did you know canine feet smell just like human feet can? It’s pretty cool!


How to Draw Wolf Paws
Wolf Paws Tutorial by Anuwolf