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How to Draw Wolves

Hey guys, just wanted to post a tutorial on something extrodianarily helpful and easy. This tutorial was originally done by artist Junryou-na-Kokoro from I’ll post the actual link to this tutorial as I finish this tutorial posting. When you want to draw wolves, you’ll want to try to achieve a very accurate and nice pose for the wolf. Understanding the proper anatomy and expressions of these beautiful animals is crucialliy important. The best way to achieve a good looking wolf, careful and steady observation of these creatures is defintiely recommended. Observational skills is key for drawing, as well sketching ideas quickly. You’ll be more prone to lose an idea as you try to slowly draw it down. Anyways, here’s a series of images taken from the artist of the tutorial.

Step 1. Start off with understanding and learning the basic skeleton of the wolf. It’s crucially important to know what you’re drawing. It’s very similar to everything you learn in the world in order to achieve it. Wolves have strong jaws, and canines, which help them defend and attack.




Step 2. Get to know the muscular figure of the wolf as this will help you in the future.



Step 3. Learning to draw the exterior of a wolf is also very important. You’ll be needing to know how the paws look from different angles and how the eyes may seem at different views. ┬áMany artists draw wolf paws in different aspects, therefore, developing their own personal style.






Step 4. Sketching, practicing, and studying are the essential keys to become better as an artist. Time can be tedious but it’s definitetly worth the wait the more you practice and progress as an artist.



How to Draw Wolves
Anatomy of a Wolf by Junryou-na-Kokoro